General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) Credential

Program Code: 0005

Program Requirements

General Education
ENGLISH 101Composition3
ENGLISH 102Composition3
SPEECH 101Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
Select one Math course for a minimum of three credit hours3
General Education Math
Math For Elementary Teachers II
Critical Mathematics
Introductory Statistics
Finite Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics
Calculus For Business & Social Sciences
Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
Calculus & Analytic Geometry II
Calculus & Analytic Geometry III
Select three Fine Art & Hum courses for a minimum of nine credit hours 19
Introduction to African-American Studies
Art Appreciation
African-American Art
Chinese IV
Film Rhetoric
Introduction To Religion
The Bible - Hebrew Old Test
The Bible - New Testament
Islamic Scriptures: The Qur'an
Comparative Religion I/Eastern Religion
Com Rel II Western Religion
The World Of The Cinema
History of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture
History of Architecture, Painting & Sculpture I
Hist Of Arch Paint Sculp II
History Of Cinema
Opera And The Humanities
History of Photography
Dance Appreciation
Film History I
Film History II
Fourth Course French
Intro To Modern Literature French
Readings In Literature French
Intro To Arts & Ideas
Intro to Latin American/Latino Studies
Gender and Feminisms in the Arts
Intro to Diversity/Ethnic Studies
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender
General Course I Humanities
General Course II Humanities
Arts of Contemporary America
World Literature I
The Great Books
Women In Creative-Performing Arts
Latinxs in Chicago
Comparative Mythology
Non-Western Humanities
The Art and Philosophy of the African Continent
Fourth Course Italian
Fourth Course Japanese
Introduction To Literature
Ideas In Prose
Great Books Seminar/Topics Literature
American Literature from Colonial Days to Civil War
American Literature from the Civil War to the 20th Century
English Literature from its Beginnings to the Age of Johnson
English Literature from the Romantic Revival to the 20th Century
Contemporary African American Literature
Perspectives in Black Literature
Literature of the U.S. from the Civil War to the Present
Contemporary American Literature
Contemporary British Literature
Latin American Literature
U.S. Latino (a) Literature
Children's Literature
Native American Literature
The Black Woman In Black Fiction
Women's Literature
Gay and Lesbian Literature
Literature and Film
Creative Non-fiction
World Literature
Introduction To Music
Trends In Mod Amer Music
World Music
Music Literature & History
Introduction To Philosophy
Philosophy Of Religion
Social/Political Philosophy
Greek Philo To Renaissance
Enlightenment To Present
Problems In Philosophy
Critical Thinking
Fourth Course Polish
Fourth Course Spanish
Spanish For Hispanos
Spanish For Near Native Speakers I
Modern Civilization & Culture Spanish
Intro To Modern Literature Spanish
Readings In Literature Spanish
Intro To Theater
Theater Diversity in the U.S.
Select three Social & Behavioral Science courses for a minimum of 9 credit hours 29
Intro to Biological and Cultural Evolutions of Humans
Cultural Anthropology
Applied Anthropology
Introduction to Archaeology
Principles Of Economics I
Principles Of Economics II
World Geography
Economic Geography
History of American People To 1865
History of American People From 1865
The Afro-American In American History
History of World Civilization to 1500
Hist World Civiliz Frm 1500
History of Latin America
U.S. Latinx History
Modern Middle East History
The Far East in the Modern World
African History to Colonial Period
African History - Modern Period
Principles of Political Science
The National Government
Comparative Government
International Relations
U.S. State & Local Government
General Psychology
Child Psychology
Social Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
Adult Development And Aging
Life Span Developmental Psychology
General Course I Social Science
General Course II Social Science
Intro To the Study Of Society
Sociology of Families and Intimate Relationships
Social Problems
The Sociology Of Sex & Gender
Race & Ethnic Relations
Institutional Racism
Select two Physical & Life Science courses for a minimum of 7 credit hours 37
Descriptive Astronomy
The Solar System
Human Genetics & Evolution
General Education Biology
Human Biology
Environmental Biology
Biology I
Biology II
General Botany I
Basic Chemistry I
General Chemistry I
Man & Environment I
Environmental Geology
Physical Geography
Physical Geology
Intro To Oceanography
General Course Physical Science
General Course Physical Science
Current Public Issues in Physical Science
General Course I Physical Science
General Course II Physical Science
Introduction to Meteorology
Physics of Energy and Climate
Mechanics, Waves, and Heat
General Physics I: Mechanics & Wave Motion
Engineering Physics I: Mechanics & Wave Motion
Total Hours37

At least one (1) of the courses must be from the Fine Arts category, and at least one must be from the Humanities category


At least two of the courses must be from different disciplines


At least one of the courses must be a lab course, at least one of the courses must be a Life Science category course, and at least one of the courses courses must be a Physical Science category