City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) delivers exceptional learning opportunities and educational services for diverse student populations in Chicago.

We enhance knowledge, understanding, skills, collaboration, community service and life-long learning by providing a broad range of quality, affordable courses, programs, and services to prepare students for success in a technologically advanced and increasingly interdependent global society.

We work proactively to eliminate barriers to employment and to address and overcome casual factors underlying socioeconomic disparities and inequities of access and graduation in higher education.


Richard J. Daley College

Richard J. Daley College provides high-quality education which leads to academic success, career development, and personal enrichment that fulfill diverse community needs.


Harold Washington College

Harold Washington College is a student-centered institution that empowers all members of its community through accessible and affordable academic advancement, career development and personal enrichment.            


Kennedy-King College

Kennedy-King College is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive, accessible education and training opportunities that respond to changing community needs and enable individuals to reach their full potential and successfully compete in the global marketplace. Kennedy-King College is committed to improving student learning in all programs and services through and ongoing comprehensive assessment process.


Malcolm X College

Malcolm X College, a learning and assessment-centered community college, empowers students of diverse backgrounds and abilities to achieve academic, career, and personal success.


Olive-Harvey College

The mission of Olive-Harvey College is to develop a diverse community of cultural and civic leaders and to advance progressive global citizenship through academic excellence, work-based learning, and comprehensive support services.


Harry S Truman College

Our Mission dedicates us to deliver high-quality, innovative, affordable and accessible educational opportunities and services that prepare students for a rapidly changing and diverse global economy.


Wilbur Wright College

Wright College is a learning-centered, multi-campus institution of higher education offering students of diverse backgrounds, talents and abilities a quality education leading to baccalaureate transfer, career advancement and/or personal development.