Human Diversity Courses

The table below lists every course currently offered at City Colleges of Chicago that would fulfill the Human Diversity (HD) requirement. Please note that not all HD courses satisfy General Education requirements.

Course Code Title GE Category
AFRO AM 101 Introduction to African-American Studies Fine Arts & Humanities
AFRO AM 102 Contemporary Conversations in Africana Studies Not a GE course
ANTHRO 201 Intro to Biological and Cultural Evolutions of Humans Social & Behavioral Sciences
ANTHRO 202 Cultural Anthropology Social & Behavioral Sciences
ANTHRO 205 Applied Anthropology Social & Behavioral Sciences
ANTHRO 206 Introduction to Archaeology Social & Behavioral Sciences
ARABIC 101 Arabic for Beginners I Not a GE course
ARABIC 102 Arabic for Beginners II Not a GE course
ARABIC 103 Intermediate Arabic I Not a GE course
ARABIC 104 Intermediate Arabic II Humanities
ARCHITC 104 History Of Architecture I Not a GE course
ARCHITC 105 History Of Architecture II Not a GE course
ART 103 Art Appreciation Fine Arts
ART 130 African American Art Fine Arts
BIOLOGY 113 The Biology Of Women Life Sciences
CHLD DV 262 Child, Family & Community Relations Not a GE course
CHINESE 101 Introduction to Chinese Not a GE course
CHINESE 102 Chinese II Not a GE course
CHINESE 103 Chinese III Not a GE course
CHINESE 104 Chinese IV Humanities
FIN ART 114 Film History Fine Arts
FIN ART 115 Film History Fine Arts
FRENCH 101 First Course French Not a GE course
FRENCH 102 Second Course French Not a GE course
FRENCH 103 Third Course French Not a GE course
FRENCH 104 Fourth Course French Humanities
FRENCH 210 Modern Civilization & Culture French Humanities
FRENCH 213 Intro To Modern Literature French Humanities
GEOG 101 World Geography Social & Behavioral Sciences
GEOG 102 Economic Geography Social & Behavioral Sciences
GWSS 101 Introduction to Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies Not a GE course
GWSS 102 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Diversity Not a GE course
GWSS 103 Introduction to Social Justice Not a GE course
GWSS 201 Abolitionist Feminism Not a GE course
GWSS 202 Abolitionist Feminism through Liberative Expressive Arts & Research Not a GE course
GWSS 203 Feminist and Queer Artivisms for Social Change Not a GE course
GWSS 204 Pleasure, Activism, Body Politics, and Translating Sexualities Not a GE course
GWSS 210 Ecofeminism Not a GE course
GWSS 220 Queer Theory Not a GE course
GWSS 222 Queer Feminist Ethno-STEM Theory Not a GE course
HISTORY 114 The Afro-American In American History Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 115 Afro-American History Since 1865 Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 118 Women In American History Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 141 History of World Civilization to 1500 Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 142 Hist World Diviliz Frm 1500 Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 212 History & Culture Of China Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 213 American Civil Rights Movement Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 215 History of Latin America Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 216 History of Latin America in the U.S. Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 225 Modern Middle East History Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 243 The Far East in the Modern World Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 247 African History to Colonial Period Social & Behavioral Sciences
HISTORY 248 African History - Modern Period Social & Behavioral Sciences
HIT 101 Foundations of HIT Not a GE course
HIT 213 Supervisory and Legal Aspects Not a GE course
HUM 141 Afro-American Arts Humanities
HUM 143 Intro to Latin American/Latino Studies Fine Arts & Humanities
HUM 144 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Fine Arts & Humanities
HUM 145 Intro to Diversity/Ethnic Studies Fine Arts & Humanities
HUM 146 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Fine Arts & Humanities
HUM 203 Arts of Contemporary America Fine Arts & Humanities
HUM 205 World Literature I Humanities
HUM 208 Women in Creative-Performing Arts Fine Arts & Humanities
HUM 209 Latinxs in Chicago Fine Arts & Humanities
HUM 210 Comparative Mythology Humanities
HUM 212 Non-Western Humanities Fine Arts & Humanities
HUM 215 The Art and Philosophy of the African Continent Fine Arts & Humanities
ITALIAN 101 First Course Italian Not a GE course
ITALIAN 102 Second Course Italian Not a GE course
ITALIAN 103 Third Course Italian Not a GE course
ITALIAN 104 Fourth Course Italian Humanities
JAPANES 101 First Course Japanese Not a GE course
JAPANES 102 Second Course Japanese Not a GE course
JAPANES 103 Third Course Japanese Not a GE course
JAPANES 104 Fourth Course Japanese Humanities
LIT 121 Contemporary African American Literature Humanities
LIT 122 Perspectives in Black Literature Humanities
LIT 125 Psychology in Black Literature Humanities
LIT 128 Latin American Literature Humanities
LIT 129 U.S. Latino (a) Literature Humanities
LIT 131 Survey Of Afro-American Poetry Humanities
LIT 132 Native American Literature Humanities
LIT 133 African American Fiction Humanities
LIT 137 The Black Woman in Black Fiction Humanities
LIT 150 Women's Literature Humanities
LIT 153 Gay and Lesbian Literature Humanities
MATH 124 Critical Mathematics Mathematics
MOR SCI 123 Funeral Directing & Cremation Not a GE course
MUSIC 183 World Music Fine Arts
MUSIC 200 Black Music Workshop Not a GE course
NURSING 216 Nursing Leadership Not a GE course
POLISH 101 First Course Polish Not a GE course
POLISH 102 Second Course Polish Not a GE course
POLISH 103 Third Course Polish Not a GE course
POLISH 104 Fourth Course Polish Humanities
POL SCI 204 International Relations Social & Behavioral Sciences
POL SCI 206 American Foreign Policy Social & Behavioral Sciences
POL SCI 211 Analysis Of White Racism Social & Behavioral Sciences
PSYCH 209 Black Psychology Social & Behavioral Sciences
PSYCH 211 Social Psychology Social & Behavioral Sciences
PTA 110 Introduction to Physical Therapy Not a GE course
RELIGN 106 Comparative Religion I/Eastern Religion Humanities
RELIGN 107 Com Rel II Western Religion Humanities
SOC 201 Intro To the Study Of Society Social & Behavioral Sciences
SOC 207 The Sociology Of Sex & Gender Social & Behavioral Sciences
SOC 208 Transnational Feminisms Not a GE course
SOC 209 The Black Man In The U.S. Social & Behavioral Sciences
SOC 210 Diverse Cultures/Global Age Not a GE course
SOC 211 Race & Ethnic Relations Social & Behavioral Sciences
SOC 241 Institutional Racism Social & Behavioral Sciences
SOC 280 Human Relations Social & Behavioral Sciences
SOC SCI 110 Introduction to Global Studies Not a GE course
SOC SCI 221 Black Economics Social & Behavioral Sciences
SOC SER 204 Cross-Culture Studies in Gerontology Not a GE course
SPANISH 101 First Course Spanish Not a GE course
SPANISH 102 Second Course Spanish Not a GE course
SPANISH 103 Third Course Spanish Not a GE course
SPANISH 104 Fourth Course Spanish Humanities
SPANISH 111 Spanish For Hispanos Humanities
SPANISH 113 Spanish For Near Native Speakers I Humanities
SPANISH 114 Spanish For Near-Native Speakers II Humanities
SPANISH 191 Survival Spanish Nursing Humanities
SPANISH 193 Spanish for Radiography Not a GE course
SPANISH 206 Intensive Oral Practice Spanish Humanities
SPANISH 210 Modern Civilization & Culture Spanish Humanities
SPANISH 213 Intro To Modern Literature Spanish Humanities
SPANISH 214 Readings In Literature Spanish Humanities
THR ART 134 Theater Diversity in the U.S. Fine Arts