Associate in Engineering Science

Program Code: 0100

Program Requirements

General Education Coursework
ENGLISH 101Composition3
ENGLISH 102Composition3
MATH 207Calculus & Analytic Geometry I5
CHEM 201General Chemistry I5
One Fine Arts & Humanities course 13
One Social and Behavioral Sciences course 13
Required Degree Core
ENGR 190Computer Programming for Engineers3
or CIS 142 C++ Object Oriented Programming I
MATH 208Calculus & Analytic Geometry II5
MATH 209Calculus & Analytic Geometry III5
MATH 210Differential Equations3
PHYSICS 235Engineering Physics I: Mechanics & Wave Motion5
PHYSICS 236Engineering Physics II: Electricity & Magnetism5
Program Electives
Select a minimum of 16 credit hours of program electives16
Total Hours64

One of the courses in the Humanities or Social and Behavioral Sciences category must satisfy the Human Diversity requirement.

Program Electives

BIOLOGY 115Human Biology4
BIOLOGY 121Biology I5
CHEM 203General Chemistry II5
CHEM 205Organic Chemistry I6
CHEM 207Organic Chemistry II6
CIS 144Java Object Oriented Programming I3
CIS 242C++ Object Oriented Programming II3
CIS 244Java Object Oriented Programming II3
ENGR 111Engineering Success Seminar3
ENGR 131Engineering Graphics & Intro to Design3
ENGR 206Elements of Mechanics-Statics3
ENGR 215Electrical Circuit Analysis5
ENGR 225Introduction to Thermodynamics3
ENGR 250Engineering Projects2
MATH 146Discrete Mathematics4
MATH 212Linear Algebra3
PHYSICS 215Statics3
PHYSICS 216Dynamics3
PHYSICS 217Mechanics Of Materials3
PHYSICS 237Engineering Physics III: Heat light and Modern Physics5