Art (Studio), Associate in Fine Arts

Program Code: 0216

Program Requirements

General Education Coursework
ENGLISH 101Composition3
ENGLISH 102Composition3
SPEECH 101Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
MATH 118General Education Math4
or MATH 125 Introductory Statistics
Two Physical Sciences & Life Sciences courses 16
Two Social and Behavioral Sciences courses 26
Two Fine Arts & Humanities courses 2,36
Required Program Core
ART 131General Drawing3
ART 132Advanced General Drawing3
ART 142Figure Draw & Composition3
ART 144Two Dimensional Design3
ART 145Three Dimensional Design3
FIN ART 107History of Architecture, Painting & Sculpture I3
FIN ART 108Hist Of Arch Paint Sculp II3
Program Electives
Select a minimum of 9 credit hours of the following:9
Beginning Digital Photography
Beginning Darkroom Photography
Intermediate Black and White Photography
Beginning Color Photography
Printmaking I
Printmaking II
Advanced Figure Drawing
Water Color Painting
Oil Painting Techniques
Advanced Oil Painting Techniques
Advanced Ceramics & Sculpture
Sculpture I
Intermediate Digital Photography
Computer Art And Applications
Total Hours61

Minimum one course each in Physical & Life Sciences; one course must be a lab.


One course from Social and Behavioral Sciences or Fine Arts and Humanities must fulfill the Human Diversity (HD) requirement.


One course must fulfil the Humanities or Interdisciplinary Humanities GECC requirement.


This is an example course sequence for students interested in pursuing Studio Art. If this pathway is followed as outlined, you will earn an Associate in Fine Arts degree. One course will satisfy the Human Diversity (HD) requirement, and is labeled with an (HD) in the sequence below. Courses may be substituted within the indicated categories (except Communications courses). 

Semester-by-Semester Program Plan for Full-Time Students

All plans can be modified to fit the needs of part-time students by adding more semesters.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Hours
ENGLISH 101 Composition 1 3
ART 144 Two Dimensional Design 3
ART 145 Three Dimensional Design 3
SPEECH 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 1 3
ART 103 Art Appreciation 1 3
Semester 2
ENGLISH 102 Composition 1 3
Art (Studio) recommended elective 2 3
Physical Sciences course - no Lab 1 3
FIN ART 107 History of Architecture, Painting & Sculpture I 3
ART 131 General Drawing 3
Semester 3
MATH 118
General Education Math 1
or Introductory Statistics
Life Sciences course with lab 1 4
Social and Behavioral Sciences course 1 3
ART 132 Advanced General Drawing 3
ART 142 Figure Draw & Composition 3
Semester 4
Social and Behavioral Sciences course (HD) 1 3
Fine Arts & Humanities course 1 3
Art (Studio) recommended elective 2 3
Art (Studio) recommended elective 2 3
FIN ART 108 Hist Of Arch Paint Sculp II 3
 Total Hours62

General Education Requirement


Program Elective

Program Electives

ART 113Beginning Digital Photography3
ART 115Beginning Darkroom Photography3
ART 116Intermediate Black and White Photography3
ART 117Beginning Color Photography3
ART 126Printmaking I3
ART 127Printmaking II3
ART 143Advanced Figure Drawing3
ART 163Water Color Painting3
ART 166Oil Painting Techniques3
ART 167Advanced Oil Painting Techniques3
ART 196Ceramics3
ART 197Advanced Ceramics & Sculpture3
ART 198Sculpture I3
ART 213Intermediate Digital Photography3
ART 275Computer Art And Applications3

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