Practical Nursing, Advanced Certificate


Malcolm X

Program Code: 0240

Program Requirements

ENGLISH 101Composition3
BIOLOGY 120Terminology For Medical Careers3
BIOLOGY 121Biology I5
BIOLOGY 226Human Structure and Function I4
BIOLOGY 227Human Structure and Function II4
MATH 118General Education Math (or higher gen ed math course)4
NURSING 150Nursing Fundamentals I4
NURSING 151Nursing Fundamentals II4
NURSING 152Nursing Perspectives2
NURSING 153Nursing Thru Life Span 15
NURSING 158Nursing Thru Life Span II2.5
NURSING 159Nursing Thru Life Span III2.5
NURSING 160Nursing Thru Life Span IV6
Total Hours49


This is an example course sequence for students interested in nursing. It does not represent a contract, nor does it guarantee course availability. If this pathway is followed as outlined, you will earn an Advanced Certificate (AC) in Practical Nursing.

The Advanced Certificate program in Practical Nursing provides students with a basic knowledge of nursing theory and practice. Graduates of the practical nursing program meet the educational requirements for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN) to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Graduates of the program may transfer their credits to an associate or bachelor degree nursing program. If more applicants apply than the program can accept, the most qualified applicants will be accepted.

Prospective students must apply for admission into the Practical Nursing program.

Semester-by-Semester Program Pan for Full-Time Students

All plans can be modified to fit the needs of part-time students by adding more semesters.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Hours
ENGLISH 101 Composition 3
BIOLOGY 121 Biology I 5
BIOLOGY 120 Terminology For Medical Careers 3
MATH 118 General Education Math (or higher gen ed math course) 4
Semester 2
NURSING 150 Nursing Fundamentals I 4
NURSING 151 Nursing Fundamentals II 4
NURSING 152 Nursing Perspectives 2
BIOLOGY 226 Human Structure and Function I 4
Semester 3
NURSING 153 Nursing Thru Life Span 1 5
BIOLOGY 227 Human Structure and Function II 4
NURSING 158 Nursing Thru Life Span II 2.5
NURSING 159 Nursing Thru Life Span III 2.5
Semester 4
NURSING 160 Nursing Thru Life Span IV 6
 Total Hours49

Choose your courses with your College Advisor.

Program Admission Requirements

To be eligible to apply to the CCC Practical Nursing Program, a student must have successfully completed: 

  1. All four prerequisite courses:
    Prerequisite Courses*
    BIOLOGY 120Terminology For Medical Careers3
    BIOLOGY 121Biology I (completed within the past 10 years)5
    ENGLISH 101Composition3
    MATH 118General Education Math (or higher)4
    Total Hours15

All prerequisite courses (4) must be completed prior to the posted online application deadline. Prerequisite courses (4) include (with a "C" or higher)

  1. Submit high school diploma or GED transcripts  to the Office of the Registrar at Malcolm X College.
  2. Program Application
  3. Submit official college transcripts to the Office of the Registrar at Malcolm X College.
  4. Proof of eligibility for college level mathematics by coursework or placement test
  5. ATI TEAS Exam:
    1. Minimum Cumulative Score: 60%
    2. Minimum Reading Score: 70%
  6. Cumulative GPA of 2.5

Background Check

Students entering most healthcare professions programs will be required to present documentation of health history and vaccination status, to undergo annual tuberculosis screening, to submit to a background check, to submit to initial and random drug screening, and to undergo fingerprinting prior to licensing with the state of Illinois. Students should consult with a College Advisor if any of these requirements are a concern.

For more information on admissions requirements and the application process, visit the Nursing Department webpage


This program can prepare students for the jobs listed below. Click on each one to learn more, including average earnings, annual job openings, and how much education people in that field have. For additional guidance and resources on career options, current City Colleges students and alumni can contact the Career Services Office.

Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses

Job Description

Care for ill, injured, or convalescing patients or persons with disabilities in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, private homes, group homes, and similar institutions. May work under the supervision of a registered nurse. Licensing required.

Salary Based on Experience Level

Take a look at the average hourly/annual earnings for this career in Cook County

Lightcast earnings figures are based on OES data from the BLS and include base rate, cost of living allowances, guaranteed pay, hazardous-duty pay, incentive pay (including commissions and bonuses), on-call pay, and tips.

Annual Wages

Entry-Level 10th Percentile$46,980
Median 50th Percentile$58,857
Senior-Level 90th Percentile$72,402

Hourly Wages

Entry-Level 10th Percentile$23
Median 50th Percentile$28
Senior-Level 90th Percentile$35

Annual Job Openings

681 annual openings in Cook County

National Education Attainment

Here, you can see the level of education that people in this career complete.

Degree Program% of Jobs
A high school diploma or less0.00%
A certificate34.77%
Some college38.24%
An Associate degree15.90%
A Bachelor's degree11.09%
A Master's or Professional degree0.00%
A Doctoral degree or more0.00%

11.09% continue their education beyond an associate degree