Music Education, Associate in Fine Arts


Harold Washington

Program Code: 0208

Program Requirements

General Education Coursework
ENGLISH 101Composition3
ENGLISH 102Composition3
SPEECH 101Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
MATH 118General Education Math (or higher Mathematics)3
MUSIC 221Music Literature & History3
Social and Behavioral Sciences course 13
Fine Arts & Humanities course 13
Physical Sciences or Life Sciences course 1,27
Required Program Core
MUSIC 102Music Theory I3
MUSIC 103Music Theory II3
MUSIC 105Group Piano I2
MUSIC 106Group Piano II2
MUSIC 111Aural & Keyboard Skills I2
MUSIC 112Aural & Keyboard Skills II2
MUSIC 181Applied Music-Freshman Level I2
MUSIC 182Applied Music-Freshman Level II2
MUSIC 201Music Theory III3
MUSIC 202Music Theory IV3
MUSIC 211Aural and Keyboard Skills III2
MUSIC 212Aural and Keyboard Skill IV2
MUSIC 281Applied Music-Sophomore Level I2
MUSIC 282Appl Music-Soph Lvl II2
Program Electives
Select a minimum of 2 credit hours of the following:2
Jazz/Pop Ensemble
Jazz/Pop Ensemble: Blues Emphasis
Instrumental Ensembles
Vocal Ensembles
Total Hours62

One of the courses must be an HD course.


Minimum one course each in Physical Sciences & Life Sciences; one course must be a lab.


Follow the Music Education pathway and learn how to teach music and music appreciation to students of various ages and abilities. People with degrees in music education can choose to become music teachers, recreational therapists, musicians, sound engineers, and more.

This is an example course sequence for students interested in pursuing Music Education. This does not represent a contract, nor does it guarantee course availability. If this pathway is followed as outlined, you will earn an Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) degree. One course will satisfy the Human Diversity (HD) requirement, and is labeled with an (HD) in the sequence below.

Semester-by-Semester Program Plan for Full-Time Students

All plans can be modified to fit the needs of part-time students by adding more semesters.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Hours
ENGLISH 101 Composition 1 3
MUSIC 102 Music Theory I (placement test required) 3
MUSIC 111 Aural & Keyboard Skills I 2
MUSIC 105 Group Piano I 2
MUSIC 181 Applied Music-Freshman Level I 2
MUSIC 183 World Music (HD) 1 3
Semester 2
SPEECH 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 1 3
MUSIC 103 Music Theory II 3
MUSIC 112 Aural & Keyboard Skills II 2
MUSIC 106 Group Piano II 2
Life Sciences with Lab 1 4
MUSIC 182 Applied Music-Freshman Level II 2
Program Elective 2 1-2
Semester 3
ENGLISH 102 Composition 1 3
MUSIC 201 Music Theory III 3
MUSIC 211 Aural and Keyboard Skills III 2
MATH 118 General Education Math (or higher Mathematics) 1,3 4
MUSIC 281 Applied Music-Sophomore Level I 2
Program Elective 2 1-2
Semester 4
PSYCH 201 General Psychology 1 3
MUSIC 202 Music Theory IV 3
MUSIC 212 Aural and Keyboard Skill IV 2
MUSIC 282 Appl Music-Soph Lvl II 2
MUSIC 221 Music Literature & History 1 3
Physical Sciences course with no lab 1 3
 Total Hours63-65

General Education Requirement


Program Elective


Except for MATH 299 Special Topics Mathematics

Program Elective

MUSIC 109Jazz/Pop Ensemble2
MUSIC 110Jazz/Pop Ensemble: Blues Emphasis2
MUSIC 131Chorus2
MUSIC 135Instrumental Ensembles1
MUSIC 136Vocal Ensembles1

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