Dental Hygiene, Associate in Applied Science


Malcolm X

Program Code: 0222

Program Requirements

General Education Coursework
ENGLISH 101Composition3
MATH 118General Education Math (or higher)4
PSYCH 201General Psychology3
CHEM 121Basic Chemistry I (or higher)4
SOC 201Intro To the Study Of Society (HD)3
Required Program Core
DENTHYG 112Introduction to Dental Hygiene1
DENTHYG 119Introduction to Dental Radiography1.5
DENTHYG 121Dental Hygiene Theory I2
DENTHYG 122Dental Hygiene Theory II2
DENTHYG 123Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene2
DENTHYG 125Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health2
DENTHYG 126Dental Radiology1.5
DENTHYG 130Dental Materials3
DENTHYG 131Oral Structures & Function3
DENTHYG 132General/Oral Pathology and Diagnosis3
DENTHYG 133Head And Neck Anatomy2
DENTHYG 135Medical Emergencies in the Dental Setting1
DENTHYG 202Critique of Dental Literature1
DENTHYG 233Expanded Functions3
DENTHYG 235Community Dental Health I2
DENTHYG 241Dental Pharmacology2
DENTHYG 244Periodontics for Dental Hygienist3
DENTHYG 256Community Dental Health II1
DENTHYG 258Ethics And Jurisprudence2
DENTHYG 260Senior Seminar2
Required Work-Based Learning Courses
DENTHYG 124Clinical Dental Hygiene I3
DENTHYG 200Clinical Dental Hygiene II3
DENTHYG 251Clinical Dental Hygiene III6
DENTHYG 252Clinical Dental Hygiene IV5
Total Hours74


This is an example course sequence for students interested in earning a degree in Dental Hygiene. It does not represent a contract, nor does it guarantee course availability. If this pathway is followed as outlined, you will earn an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Dental Hygiene.

Please note: Semesters 1–3 are “pre-dental hygiene pathway”. Semesters 4–9 occur after acceptance in the Dental Hygiene program. BIOLOGY 120 Terminology For Medical Careers is not required.

Prospective students must apply for admission into the Dental Hygiene program.

Semester-by-Semester Program Plan for Full-Time Students

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Hours
BIOLOGY 121 Biology I 1 5
Semester 2
BIOLOGY 226 Human Structure and Function I 1 4
SPEECH 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 1 3
Semester 3
MCROBIO 233 General Microbiology 1 4
BIOLOGY 227 Human Structure and Function II 1 4
Semester 4
DENTHYG 112 Introduction to Dental Hygiene 1
CHEM 121 Basic Chemistry I 2 4
Semester 5
DENTHYG 119 Introduction to Dental Radiography 1.5
DENTHYG 121 Dental Hygiene Theory I 2
DENTHYG 123 Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene 2
DENTHYG 125 Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health 2
DENTHYG 131 Oral Structures & Function 3
DENTHYG 133 Head And Neck Anatomy 2
DENTHYG 135 Medical Emergencies in the Dental Setting 1
ENGLISH 101 Composition 2 3
Semester 6
DENTHYG 122 Dental Hygiene Theory II 2
DENTHYG 124 Clinical Dental Hygiene I 3
DENTHYG 126 Dental Radiology 1.5
DENTHYG 130 Dental Materials 3
DENTHYG 132 General/Oral Pathology and Diagnosis 3
SOC 201 Intro To the Study Of Society (HD) 2 3
Semester 7
DENTHYG 200 Clinical Dental Hygiene II 3
MATH 118 General Education Math 2 4
Semester 8
DENTHYG 233 Expanded Functions 3
DENTHYG 235 Community Dental Health I 2
DENTHYG 241 Dental Pharmacology 2
DENTHYG 244 Periodontics for Dental Hygienist 3
DENTHYG 251 Clinical Dental Hygiene III 6
Semester 9
DENTHYG 202 Critique of Dental Literature 1
DENTHYG 252 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV 5
DENTHYG 256 Community Dental Health II 1
DENTHYG 258 Ethics And Jurisprudence 2
DENTHYG 260 Senior Seminar 2
PSYCH 201 General Psychology 2 3
 Total Hours94

Program Prerequisite


General Education Requirement

Program Admission Requirements

The program is very competitive, and meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program. In order to be considered for admission, students must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Graduate from an accredited high school or earn a GED
  • Meet general admissions requirements for Malcolm X College including successful completion of all prerequisite courses for the Dental Hygiene program
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 in all college-level work
  • Submit to Office of Registrar Services all official college transcripts attended outside of City Colleges of Chicago 
  • Grade of “C” or better in BIOLOGY 121 Biology I, BIOLOGY 226 Human Structure and Function I, and BIOLOGY 227 Human Structure and Function II, SPEECH 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication, and MCROBIO 233 General Microbiology
    • All science prerequisite courses must be taken within five (5) years of being accepted to the program.
  • Students who meet the minimum admissions requirement will receive a link to the online dental hygiene application via e-mail starting late October. 
  • Strongly encouraged that applicants attend a dental hygiene open house
  • Submit the dental hygiene admissions packet

For more information on admissions requirements and the application process, visit the program webpage.


This program can prepare students for the jobs listed below. Click on each one to learn more, including average earnings, annual job openings, and how much education people in that field have. For additional guidance and resources on career options, current City Colleges students and alumni can contact the Career Services Office.

Dental Hygienists

Job Description

Administer oral hygiene care to patients. Assess patient oral hygiene problems or needs and maintain health records. Advise patients on oral health maintenance and disease prevention. May provide advanced care such as providing fluoride treatment or administering topical anesthesia.

Salary Based on Experience Level

Take a look at the average hourly/annual earnings for this career in Cook County

Lightcast earnings figures are based on OES data from the BLS and include base rate, cost of living allowances, guaranteed pay, hazardous-duty pay, incentive pay (including commissions and bonuses), on-call pay, and tips.

Annual Wages

Entry-Level 10th Percentile$46,098
Median 50th Percentile$77,353
Senior-Level 90th Percentile$94,465

Hourly Wages

Entry-Level 10th Percentile$22
Median 50th Percentile$37
Senior-Level 90th Percentile$45

Annual Job Openings

269 annual openings in Cook County

National Education Attainment

Here, you can see the level of education that people in this career complete.

Degree Program% of Jobs
A high school diploma or less0.00%
A certificate0.00%
Some college0.00%
An Associate degree75.18%
A Bachelor's degree12.08%
A Master's or Professional degree12.74%
A Doctoral degree or more0.00%

24.82% continue their education beyond an associate degree