Integrated Communication (INTCOMM)

Integrated Communication (INTCOMM) 100  
Integrated Communication St  

This course prepares students to successfully complete the General Education communication sequence of English 101 and English 102 by providing necessary critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. The course will address the writing process, critical reading strategies, rhetorical strategies, metacognition, academic literacy, and conventions of academic discourse, and, as needed, issues of grammar, structure and style. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course.

Grade of C or better in ENGLISH 98 and READING 99, CCCRTW 2+, or COMPASS e-Write (5-6) and Reading (50 or >), or CCC Writing score of 3+ and Reading (50 or >), or Consent of Dept Chair.  
6 Lecture hours. 6 Credit Hours.  
Offered At: HW  
Repeatable: Yes, up to 4 times  

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