Political Science, Associate in Arts

Program Code: 0210


Whether they’re conservative or liberal, cynical or idealistic, one common characteristic among students interested in political science and government is their addiction to politics. If active engagement in the political system is for you, a political science emphasis is a great way to get started. Those interested in political science and government study the systems people set up to organize their societies, from neighborhoods to nations. If you are interested in a career in government, law, public policy, civic leadership, campaign organizing or even becoming the next president–political science might be just the ticket.

This is an example course sequence for students interested in pursuing Political Science. This does not represent a contract, nor does it guarantee course availability. If this pathway is followed as outlined, you will earn an AA degree. One course will satisfy the Human Diversity (HD) requirement, and is labeled with an (HD) in the sequence below. Following this pathway will help you get your associate degree, which will increase your chances of transfer to Bachelor’s-level programs of study. Choose Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) courses to fulfill general education requirements whenever possible. Visit www.itransfer.org and speak with your college advisor to learn more about IAI.

Semester-by-Semester Program Plan for Full-Time Students

All plans can be modified to fit the needs of part-time students by adding more semesters.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Hours
ENGLISH 101 Composition 1 3
MATH 118 General Education Math (or higher Mathematics course) 1 4
Fine Arts course 1 3
SOC SCI 102 General Course II Social Science 1 3
POL SCI 201 The National Government 1 3
Semester 2
SPEECH 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 1 3
Physical Sciences course 1 4
Humanities course 1 3
POL SCI 204 International Relations (HD) 1 3
Pathway Elective 2 3
Semester 3
Life Sciences course 1 4
ENGLISH 102 Composition 1 3
Pathway Elective 2 3
Pathway Elective 2 3
Pathway Elective 2 3
Semester 4
Fine Arts & Humanities course 1 3
Pathway Elective 2 3
Pathway Elective 2 3
Pathway Elective 2 3
 Total Hours60

General Education Requirement


Pathway Elective

Pathway ElectiveS

ANTHRO 202Cultural Anthropology (HD)3
ECON 201Principles Of Economics I3
ECON 202Principles Of Economics II3
GEOG 101World Geography (HD)3
POL SCI 200Principles of Political Science3
POL SCI 202Urban Government & Politics3
POL SCI 203Comparative Government (HD)3
POL SCI 205Public Administration3
POL SCI 206American Foreign Policy (HD)3
POL SCI 207U.S. State & Local Government3
POL SCI 211Analysis Of White Racism (HD)3
SOC SCI 101General Course I Social Science3
SOC 201Intro To the Study Of Society (HD)3
World Languages courses

Recommended electives may vary by transfer institution. Choose your courses with your College Advisor.

Institution-specific transfer guides and agreements can be found on CCC's transfer site.