Appendix - COVID-19 Policies

Due to a global pandemic in Spring 2020, many course requirements were altered, which led to unusual enrollment patterns and grades. Most in person courses were transitioned to a remote delivery format for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020, courses scheduled in an online delivery format were not altered.

Courses Eligible for a COVID Incomplete as Outlined in Section 3.13

The following courses are eligible for the Non-Grade Designation COVID-I (COVID-Incomplete) per Section 3.13. With approval of the college Vice President additional classes may be added to this list.

Note: Procedures are not Board Approved – Subject to Change

Course Name Course Title
330BKPS 0766 Baking Safety and Sanitation
330BKPS 0768 Pastry Techniques
330BKPS 0769 Cookies and Tarts
330BKPS 0772 Individual Pastries
330BKPS 0773 Confectionary Arts
330BKPS 0778 Contemporary Desserts
330CUL 0703 Food Sanitation & Safety I
330CUL 0708 Chef's Training I-Section B
330CUL 0709 Advanced Garde Manger
330CUL 0728 Restaurant Service
330CUL 0730 International Cooking
330TRNS 0113 Intro to Diesel Engine Const
332TECH 0432 Basic Arc Welding
332TECH 0435-1 Plumbing Tools & Equipmnt
332TECH 0436 Plumbing Codes
332TECH 0438-1 Intro To Fire Protection
332TECH 0439-1 Home Plumbing System
332TECH 0452 Basic Electrical Theory
332TECH 0453-1 Overhead Tech & Projects I
332TECH 0462 Vocational Physical Trg II
332TECH 0463 Vocational Physical Trg III
332TECH 0503 Gas Utility Training I
332TECH 0504 Gas Utility Training II
332TECH 0510-1 Blueprint, Layout & Frabricatn
332TECH 0518-1 Manufacturing Mat & Process
332TECH 0520-1 Arc Welding
332TECH 0530-1 Advanced Welding
332TECH 0581 Concrete Framing
332TECH 0582 Residential Carpentry
332TECH 0767 Blueprint Reading I
340MFGT 0111 Machining Processes I
340MFGT 0152 Intermediate Welding
340MFGT 0191 Industrial Electricity
432CMGT 0602 Methods of Bldg Construction
432CMGT 0603 Bldg Materials and Testing
432CMGT 0604 Blueprint and Specifications
432CMGT 0605 Construction Cost Estimating
432CMGT 0606 Construction Contracting Specs
432CMGT 0609 Construction Safety II
AIR CON 0120 Introductory Laboratory
AIR CON 0155 Refrigeration Laboratory
AIR CON 0158 Commercial Refrig Lab
ART 0131-2 General Drawing
AUTOTEC 0101 Intro To Automotive Techn
AUTOTEC 0103 Engine Concepts
AUTOTEC 0104 Electrical Sys & Power Acc
AUTOTEC 0106 Fuel Systems
AUTOTEC 0109 Automotive Brakes
AUTOTEC 0117 Auto Body Reconstruction I
AUTOTEC 0118 Auto Body Repainting I
AUTOTEC 0121 Struc Anayl & Damage Repair I
AUTOTEC 0122 Struc Anayl & Damage Repair II
AUTOTEC 0204 Electrical Systems II
AUTOTEC 0205 Fuel Management II
AUTOTEC 0206 Fuel Management III
AUTOTEC 0207 Transmission, Transaxle, and Driveline
AUTOTEC 0209 Steering & Suspend Systems
AUTOTEC 0210 Performance and Driveability
AUTOTEC 0211 Auto Service Management
AUTOTEC 0212 Manual Drive Train & Axles
AUTOTEC 0215 Auto Temp Control System
AUTOTEC 0217 Auto Reconstruction II
AUTOTEC 0218 Auto Body Repainting II
CHLD DV 0259 Practicum In Pre-School
COM DSGN 0290 Practicum Internship
COSMET 0101 Intro to Cosmetology/Cosmetic Art
COSMET 0102 Hair Shaping Technology
COSMET 0103 Basic Styling Technology
COSMET 0104 Hair Tinting Technology
COSMET 0105 Salon Technology I
COSMET 0106 Salon Technology II
COSMET 0201 Advanced Styling Technology
COSMET 0202 Summative Seminar
COSMET 0212 Post-Graduate Cosmetology Training II
COSMET 0223 Basic Teaching Skills for Career Education Instructors
COSMET 0224 Principles and Practice in Cosmetology Education
DENTHYG 0124 Prin Of Dental Hyg II Lab
DENTHYG 0252 Clinical Dental Hygiene II
HMGT 0860 Hospitality Internship
MEDIACM 0222 Radio Production II
MEDIACM 0295 Practicum Internship
MEDIACM 0298 Audio, Video or Internet Cap
MENHLTH 0229 Practcm In Addict Treatment
SURG TC 0213 Clinical Practicum II
SURG TC 0218 Sterile Proc Clinical Prac II

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