Unarmed Security Guard, Basic Certificate


Richard J. Daley

Program Code: 0898

Program Requirements

Required Program Core
Total Hours2


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Security Guards

Job Description

Guard, patrol, or monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules. May operate x-ray and metal detector equipment.

Salary Based on Experience Level

Take a look at the average hourly/annual earnings for this career in Cook County

Lightcast earnings figures are based on OES data from the BLS and include base rate, cost of living allowances, guaranteed pay, hazardous-duty pay, incentive pay (including commissions and bonuses), on-call pay, and tips.

Annual Wages

Entry-Level 10th Percentile$32,364
Median 50th Percentile$38,523
Senior-Level 90th Percentile$53,659

Hourly Wages

Entry-Level 10th Percentile$16
Median 50th Percentile$19
Senior-Level 90th Percentile$26

Annual Job Openings

4853 annual openings in Cook County

National Education Attainment

Here, you can see the level of education that people in this career complete.

Degree Program% of Jobs
A high school diploma or less79.26%
A certificate4.16%
Some college9.56%
An Associate degree5.06%
A Bachelor's degree1.96%
A Master's or Professional degree0.00%
A Doctoral degree or more0.00%

1.96% continue their education beyond an associate degree